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the butterflybvm


*Not available for sale in the United States

Bag-valve-masks have changed little since they were first invented in the 1950s. That's why we've invented the Butterfly BVM™; a giant leap forward for manual ventilation.



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Giving patients a precise volume of air is not easy, but with a turn of the wheel you can restrict the Butterfly BVM’s maximum air output to match your patient’s needs. Pediatric model is set to Broselow and Handtevy standards.


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Worried about barotrauma? Our PIP dial overcomes the need for a manometer while giving lifesavers unprecedented control over the pressures that they deliver to patients.


PEEP Dial.png

You wouldn’t drive a car without airbags. So why would you use a BVM without the ability to add PEEP? Our integrated PEEP dial allows users to choose PEEP levels between 0 - 20cmH2O and comes standard on every model of the Butterfly BVM™.


Inflation Switch.png

Have you ever seen someone give too much air to a patient? We have, and that’s why we’ve designed the inflation rate control switch to reduce the risk of hyperventilation. Need air more quickly? Just throw back the switch and keep doing your thing.



CPAP Cap (standard): Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to give CPAP without having to switch to a different device? Well now you can. Just engage the CPAP tab (shown in red) and activate the PEEP dial to administer continuous positive airway pressure (compressed air source required).

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BioFilter (optional): Worried about COVID? Our optional biofilter blocks the passage of viruses and other pathogens from patients to providers.



Jonathan Merrell, MD
Co-founder, CEO

An engineer from UVA and a doctor from Eastern Virginia Medical School, Jon moved to Indianapolis to start work as a pediatrician. While working in a NICU, he developed the idea for the Butterfly BVM™ and is now using all his skillsets to propel the device and company forward.

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Adam Scott
Co-founder, COO

Adam is a graduate of Purdue University in biomedical engineering. Gaining most of his experience through R&D at Johnson & Johnson, he is bringing his expertise to maximize the functionality of the Butterfly BVM™.

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Natalie Christenson, CPA

In her 20 years of experience in the medical device industry, Natalie has worked as a Sr. Manager of Finance at Medtronic, the Director of Finance at Entellus Medical, and most recently as the Sr. Director of Business Integration at Monteris Medical. She has been involved in the M&A of numerous companies, and  we're honored to have Natalie on the team.



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